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Welcome-Rules-Where to Submit


Here we support aspiring artists in Literature of all different genres. We welcome and collect Fictions from all different walks of life. You are free to submit any of your works, as long as you submit them into the right folder.

Our Three Rules

Art theft will not be tolerated
Submit to the correct folders
No spamming on the group page

Please refer to our journal regarding where to submit your works!-Edit- If you have a story (regardless of genre) of 10 or more chapters, we will make you a folder specifically for that story. IT HAS TO BE AT LEAST 10 CHAPTERS. you must request this folder. from the founder or admin.


Friend (Mikoto Suoh x Reader): Part Six

Warning for mild language (two words), violence (hitting, one incident breaking bones, nothing too descriptive), and for mentions of the side effects of trauma, like the panic attack (just in case it might be a trigger for someone).

    'Click, clock, click, clock,' went the sound of your heels on the hard concrete of the sidewalk. Anna held your hand in hers as you both walked to the dress shop together. Her dress had a long rip in it, so you offered to take her there, knowing none of the guys would want to. Besides, it gave the chance to spend some one on one time with the girl AND you'd take her out to buy a new bathing suit for next summer.
    No one else came along with you, though several insisted. They thought two ladies taking a stroll by themselves through Shizume City was a bad idea, but you told them the shop would only take under ten minutes to get to and you could handle yourselves well
:iconprincessatyler:PrincessaTyler 33 8
Worrisome Heart (Levi X Reader)
~A/N: PLEASE Listen As You Read!
Includes Slight Sexual Content. All Characters Are Over The Age Of 20.~

I need a hand with my worrisome heart
    You stood silently by the window, arms crossed over your chest as you trained your gaze onto his figure in the darkness.
    Although he stood in the shadows, the pale moonlight trickling into the room contoured his body perfectly, revealing the dips and curves of his muscular abdomen and the way his arms flexed with even the smallest movement. The locks hanging over his forehead represented a colour so black it was blue, and the ashen grey his eyes usually shone became a reflective sterling silver. His brows knitted together ever so slightly with concentration, enough to still keep his permanent stoic expression, yet simultaneously enough for you to notice. He was a man that would have awed Thor, and all he was doing was folding the shirt he had previously pulled
:icongreystream:Greystream 105 40
Zutara: A Forbidden Friendship - Ch 1
~Chapter One~ A Last Act of  a Mother’s Love
          Katara had barely moments between the confusing discovery of the black snow and the shocking onslaught that followed. The Fire Nation soldiers carved their way through the thick outer walls of the settlement with their bending, shifting great chunks of ice and snow that had sat there and marked her home’s boundaries her entire life with the same ease of the womenfolk’s knives scraping seal blubber from the skin. Her wide frightened eyes took in scenes that no eight year old ought to witness; faceless men in flanged red and black armour with helmets like hawks indiscriminately bringing down people who had known her since her infancy with blasts of their unforgiving fire, the screams of the terrified children and the anxious women, the shouts of the fighting menfolk who were still rushing from where they had been to defend their home and families and friends, the women who were desperately taking up arms to p
:iconthe-nature-author:the-nature-author 14 2
Inuyashaxkagome-The kiss
The kiss
As Inuyasha walked through the village he could tell that there was something wrong what’s up with everyone today? Then it came to him, the smell of blood and a very faint scent a scent he knew so well it even came to him in his sleep he dreamt of this smell when she wasn’t there and he waited anxiously for the smell to come back from the bone eaters well, it was Kagome’s scent she smelled of lavender and roses although he wouldn’t admit it he loved the way she smelled and he loved her brown hair as it lay on him whenever she fell asleep on him or when ever he carried her on his back, even though he would act some times like it bothered him secretly he loved it because he could be closer to her and her scent was stronger and his favorite was her eyes… those beautiful brown eyes that see right through you and into your soul Inuyasha thought and he smiled and that’s when he realized he didn’t love Kikyo he loved Kag
:iconprincesshaley13:princesshaley13 37 20
In honor of the near release of the second season of Attack on Titan, I will be opening a folder for any type of art pertaining to the anime. (Written, Digital, ect.) This folder will be open from Feb. 9th, 2017 - April 1st, 2017. Everything submitted into that folder will be placed in our featured folder automatically - no questions asked.

This is not a competitive contest, however, if everyone enjoys themselves we may make it into something of that sort for future reference.  If you have any questions, or want to hold an art appreciation for any other show or fandom, then just let me know!

BellaNamikaze over at Realism-In-Anime will be participating as well!

The folder will be called "AOT Featured Art"
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